The Entertainer dinner


After the September 28 screening, enjoy a Film to Table dinner at Babette. Join an intimate group of fellow film-goers for a four-course, prix-fixe meal in a convivial, dinner-party atmosphere. Purchase dinner tickets in advance at (film tickets must be purchased separately).
Dinner begins at 7:15pm.


Peshavari stuffed Peppers with Tomato chutney

Chicken Tikka Masala
Manali Chickpeas with Fennel seed, Mustard Greens and Peach Chutney

Side dishes:
Gujarati Green Beans
North Indian Vegetable Salad
Cardamom Rice

A Colonial Trifle

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“That’s right, chaps, remember we’re British!” That’s a running joke in this series, but it starts here. John Osborne’s screen adaptation of his tragicomisatiric play unabashedly retains an aura of theater, set against the evocative backdrop of a seedy seaside town. Laurence Olivier portrays a never-was music-hall comedian and philanderer, Archie Rice; Joan Plowright and Alan Bates, Archie’s grown children; Brenda de Banzie, his pitiable wife; and Roger Livesey, Archie’s father, the Colonel Blimp of the music-hall stage. When Archie announces, “I’m dead behind the eyes,” he puts a name to Olivier’s extraordinary feat in a role critics consider one of his best.


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